Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Apex has always been pro-active in the industry for conducting quality seminars, as evidenced by the full attendance at all the public seminars we have been conducting on a monthly basis.

In this seminar, you’ll learn more about retirement planning and the importance of it. A well implemented retirement plan can help improve your retirement cash flow and they also protect your most important assets. So be rest assured and let us help you to plan your retirement together while you enjoy your fruits of labour.

A clearly written will is another form of reassurance for your loved ones. It shows that you care for them and it also enables you to pass on your last instructions to them. Writing a will is an important and yet often neglected part of financial planning. And in the seminar, you will learn the importance and functionality of legacy and estate planning.

Many are not aware of the consequences of not having a good healthy lifestyle and therefore take their own health for granted. We conduct various health related talks and seminars to share with the people and their loved ones to let them know the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

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