Taking Care of your Health and Wealth for today’s Women

 In 2017, Health & Wealth


Part 1 – What You Need to Know About Your Breasts.

Changes in the breasts happen throughout a woman’s lifetime., from development during puberty through childbearing to menopause. Although the majority of changes are benign, it is important to know when to be concerned.

Breast cancer ranked no.1 cancer affecting women in Singapore+. As there are no methods to prevent breast cancer, early detection is important. When detected and treated early, breast cancer has a much better prognosis. Some common myths about breast cancer and common breast conditions such as fibrocystic change, breast pain, etc. and treatment of breast cancer will be discussed.

Part 2- Financial Intelligence for Women.

Are men from Mars & Women from Venus? Find out more about the key differences between ladies and gentlemen in their financial needs and goals. Discover tips on budgeting, cash-flow management, psychology of spending and how to manage budget for women effectively.

Women usually differ from men in their approach towards investments. Find out how women can maximise their natural instincts to strategise and plan for their investment. Make sense of various financial solutions in the market and how it may complement your financial plan.

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