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Client Testimonials

  • I am glad to know Kelvin Poh first as a Financial Planner who had serviced me in my financial planning for the past 3 years since 2009. I am impressed with his professionalism and dedication to see through my financial report and he never failed to take the time to explain the details to me. He had helped me to re-structure my insurance Plans to increase my coverage yet able to lower my premium to allow for more savings. I would strongly recommend Kelvin to whoever that is keen to find out how he can help you to develop a Financial Report and advice you on your health coverage enhancement as well as investment advice for retirement purposes.
    Yam MW
  • I was apprehensive about service of financial consultant prior to meeting Sally Low. I have not heard from them after the purchase of the unit trust. Sally’s professional financial advice service has truly change my perception if dedicated financial consultant really exist. She not only periodically contact me on rebalancing my investment profile and insurance coverage, but also have gone extra miles in become a personal friend for my family members. My family appreciate Birthday and New Year greetings from Sally and also the invitation of the quality movie session. Sally, I will say I can count on you in years to come.
    Alex N.
  • Angie Ng Siew Yean is my financial planning consultant. She has been most helpful by assisting me in the planning of my retirement funds. With her astute and knowledgeable skills, I manage to attain increased profits as well attribute to my well-being. She is indeed a valuable asset to your company and I wish her the best in her future endeavours.With this in mind, I will strongly recommend Angie as my professional financial consultant to my family and friends locally and worldwide.
    Yasodha K.
  • Joseph Teo has been my financial planner for more than 3 years and I have been very satisfied with his services and approach during this period. Being a busy professional, it is difficult trying to juggle work and finances on top of other commitments. Joseph provides a reassuring presence and maintains an excellent balance between updates on pertinent changes in the financial situation and the need for regular reviews. During our meetings, Joseph makes it a point to explain jargon and terminology in a patient and easily understood manner. Furthermore, he doess not hesitate to take additional time to clear any doubts and ensure that all issues are clarified. In addition, he sends out weekly informative emails on up to date issues that make for good reading. Coupled with an attention to detail, I would recommend Joseph highly as a financial consultant.
    Dr Yeo Tee Joo Cardiology National University Hospital
  • Knowing Shin Haur is the luckiest experience while I started to plan my finance! He is dedicated to provide the very best and clear explanations pertaining to every of my questions. He is always approachable, friendly and professional. Shin Haur is willing to spend time to understand my expectations and never pushy with product recommendation. It has been such a comfortable and wonderful experience and Shin Haur is definitely the most trust-worthy financial consultant I have ever encountered!
    Tracy W.
  • Jois Lim has provided consistently good and valuable financial advices and services to me, even at her busiest times over the past 10 years. She treats every case, request and queries with equal importance and is very professional in provide advices. She has always been the first person whom I will call for advices when I’m planning for any investment or when my family members are in need for insurance related advices. She and her advices have became an essential part my decision making and my family member’s decision making in financial and insurance related affairs.
    Rebecca L.
  • Ho Kien Hung is a patient, competent, efficient and effective financial planner. He has provided me the updates and invitation as and when there are new insurance/financial plans. Furthermore he will explain to me each term, condition and requirement on each of them. He even provided a few personal financial and insurance plans for my reviews before I decide which one I should take on. In addition, when there is any claim/doubt/problem that I may require advice, he will do his best to ensure I have the knowledge to proceed without any issue. I really appreciate his help and support being my financial planner all these years and will continue to count on him for future years.
    Yvonne Y.
  • I got to know Esther Ng through my former workplace when a financial advisory talk was conducted. Esther came across as a very genuine sincere person and offered financial advice though I did not buy any policy from her at that time. Just like many others, I disliked having to talk about investments and policies, and was especially cautious against any ‘pushy’ financial consultants. Esther came across as very professional, patient and not at all ‘pushy’. She has the natural gift of putting people at ease. Despite this, it was a good two years later before I decided to really take up policies with her as I was just overall, a very skeptical person by nature. This was after observing that she was very sincere in follow-up despite non-commitments from clients. I also received very positive feedback about her from ex-colleagues who did choose to take up her financial advices. I was very comfortable with the way Esther shared financial advices with me using a systematic analysis of my overall financial ‘health’ and risk attitude. She would try her best to search for policies that suit my needs and financial ‘capabilities’, not in any way showing a negative attitude when the response from me is still non-committal. Today, I feel very at ease, sharing my financial concerns with Esther and trusts that she will do her best to match a policy that best suit my needs. I would strongly recommend Esther as a financial consultant you will feel at ease to approach or share your financial perferences and concerns.
    Mabel L.
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