Chinese Zodiac & Feng Shui Seminar

 In 2017, Feng Shui

About the Speaker

Master Ang is a recognized expert in both fields of Emperor Star Astrology and Geomancy. Through the years, many families, corporate leaders, bankers, high ranking government officers, lawyers, doctors, specialists in Singapore have sought his professional consultation on geomantic issues. For years, Master Ang has become a prominent icon in the field of Chinese Astrology and Geomancy, mainly due to his exquisite assessment in fortune telling and geomantic prediction. He has won much favorable reviews and great respect from his customers.

洪文顺师傅精通紫微斗数及风水堪舆, 亦是新加坡多家企业钦点的风水顾问,并为许多家庭指点迷津, 给予最恰当的帮助,以独特的命理见解和炉火纯青的风水堪舆功力给人留下深刻印象,多年来深受顾客的好评及爱戴。

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