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Retirement Planning 101

In this seminar, you’ll learn more about retirement planning and the importance of it. A well implemented retirement plan can help improve your retirement cash flow and they also protect your most important assets. So be rest assured and let us help you to plan your retirement together while you enjoy your fruits of labour.

Legacy Planning 101

A clearly written will is another form of reassurance for your loved ones. It shows that you care for them and it also enables you to pass on your last instructions to them. Writing a will is an important and yet often neglected part of financial planning. And in the seminar, you will learn the importance and functionality of legacy and estate planning.

Apex Investment Webinar Series

Join us in our investment series and learn more about the different types of investments and how pandemics like Covid-19 impact us and the economy.

你不理财 财不理你



• 在规划退休生活时,大多数新加坡人最担心哪些课题?

• 公积金最低存款计划,公积金终身入息计划和公积金终身 健保的最新调整对您有什么影响?是否能补充您的退休金?

• 怎样确保您的退休金免受通货膨胀和其他风险的影响?

• 如何善用您的公积金保健储蓄

• 通过退休辅助计划 ( SRS ) 减低税务的退休规划策略

遗嘱与遗产规划 持久授权书











  • Everyone can drown in information nowadays. These webinars save a lot of time researching, especially we don't actively research. I also have increased confidence when an expert talks instead of doing on my own as they provide context and comparison. I'm thankful these are free; makes me feel we clients are being taken care of. Thanks a lot!

    Christine V G
  • Glad I attended your webinar. Your talk is one of the most comprehensive. Speaker Alan Tang is knowledgeable, systematic, and entertaining. Thank you and hope to attend more."

    Esther C
  • Alan Tang is an excellent presenter. His content is rich, easy to understand and highly practical.

    Audrey P
  • Alan is very spot on the way he articulated concerns we should have in our personal planning... Very engaging even thru a webinar!

    Jeanette P
  • This has been really comprehensive. I have attended a few webinars on legacy planning, but none have provided as genuine in experiences to share relatable scenarios as you.

    Karen W
  • Alan seems like a very well respected individual and he makes webinars interesting because he inserts jokes and banters with the audience. Engaging.

    Vanni T
  • Very informative, useful and yet entertaining. Alan prompted me to think and take actions with some life issues after listening to his talk. Would strongly recommend it.

    Tay P.T
  • The talk is clear and right to the point without wasting time and elaborated with real case happened and given different scenario examples for our better understanding which enlighten me a lot.

  • 内容丰富,了解了好多疑問,演讲者非常用心,清楚的演

    Tan MH
  • 非常满意你的分享,受益良多

    Koh HL
  • 一个全面又完整的讲座,容易瞭解, 明白自己应该如何去规划及立遗嘱.

    Lee GH
  • 讨会给于非常好的例子,内容非常实用.

    Jasmine E
  • 非常有诚意的讲座。谢谢Alan 无私分享

    Lee WJ
  • 讲得非常好和精彩,也有ʜᴜᴍᴏʀ。我很享受你的演.

    Wᴏɴɢ C L
  • 内容很实际,讲师很风趣,很享受这个讲座。以后会经常来上这种讲座。谢谢!

    Lee HS
  • 邓先生以深入浅出,非常详细的解释。让我很清楚知道我所需要的选择。谢谢!

  • 感谢你们这样主办'你不理财,财不理你', 让我往后的日子很美好。谢谢!

  • 时间花很值得,得到很多知识.

  • 讲者-邓德顺讲解很清楚,图文并茂更是深动。很希望能够收到这份内容的讲义。谢谢!

    Jᴜʟɪᴀɴᴀ S
  • Aʟᴀɴ Tᴀɴɢ 师讲得很好,让我获益!謝謝老师!

    Lɪᴍ L K
  • 语表达很风趣,让我感觉是用心来分享,並且你也用了本人規化投资等...说明让我们大家了解,谢谢你用心及真诚

    Cʏɴᴛʜɪᴀ L
  • Mʀ. Aʟᴀɴ Tᴀɴɢ风趣幽默 ,解说清晰,赞!

    Hᴇʟᴇɴ C
  • 了解到遗属的重要性。谢谢您的分享!

    Nɢ B H
  • 很棒!有真的下功夫准备资料

    Sᴏʜ C H
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