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Advisers Training Testimonials

  • I feel a sense of regret that the training program which you have been conducting finally has to come to an end. A “Business Owner” idea which you have given is really great, specially to me. It has helped me in broadening the mind so I have written this email to convey you my gratitude. I find that the program is extremely helpful and most importantly, your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate your advisors has perfectly illustrated an ideal model in front of me. Before the idea of regarding ourselves as a business owner, it was very hard for me to locate myself in this industry, I was confused and powerless after struggling for years searching for the core value and sole purpose of my work, I am desperately craving for a breakthrough. And now, I see the light, I feel recharged, I want to ‘chiong’, fighting for my new pursuit. Thank you very much, Alan.
    Yang Xi Terence
  • After attending the training, I’ve really learnt the important skill to communicate with Clients. Those are the most important knowledge I feel that I have never realised after I’ve been in this industry for over the last 3 years. After the training I have more confidence to do my work (which is my own business), and how do I work smart on it. I will remember what Alan has said, working on the business, NOT working in the business. I will do my Best on my Business.
    Zong LingLi Ex-Agent, 3 years in business
  • I enjoyed and very much appreciate the training Alan has provided. The time, effort, stories and life experiences Alan shared are mind blowing. In my past 4 years with Company N I have attended many trainings and motivational classes. I dare to say this is much more valuable and related. It makes me reflect on my style of business for past 4 years, there is so much that I can improve on. And not only my business but how I can develop and improve on my personal development.
    Ryan Goh Boon Pin Ex-Agent, 4 years in business
  • I am very impressed with my big boss, the branch director, Alan Tang for unselfishly impart his personal business career of his years of experience in this financial advisory industry throughout the training for the new advisors. I have learnt not only about financial planning, but also on personal and family life success. He is committed and always the first person to welcome us in class with a bottle of drink. His passion in training us to a higher level of becoming a financial advisor is remarkable.
    Johnny Koh Chwee Seng Ex-Agent, 10 years in business
  • There is no doubt Alan has shared his best knowledge giving his best, with humour and in-depth psychology in the whole workshops. What I’m impressed though is his sincerity towards us, the little things he did like bringing the cold drinks in the morning I had witnessed him carrying a big bag climbing up the stairs, he could have dedicated to others. During the coaching, he always check if the air-con is good/cold or even a little body movement also catches his attention. He is concerned if we need a toilet break. Even if I come early, he will pass me the newspapers while waiting for the others. This is how concerned I experience from him. I know I have come to a right place at this right moment.
    Casey Neo Poh Loon
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