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Advisers Testimonials

  • Adrian Khiat Han Hwee

    Prior joining PIAS, I was an Insurance Consultant with one of the leading insurance companies for 4 years. My sales back was mediocre and I was spending considerable amount of money on road shows which I couldn’t clinch sufficient sales to cover the cost. I was depressed and seriously considered giving up this career. I thought I can never be a good adviser because I’m an introvert who couldn’t even properly piece my sentences well. It was by chance that I was introduced to Alan Tang by one of my ex-colleague and I decided to give myself one last chance. My mind-set was simply hoping to survive in the industry. Upon joining, I followed the financial planning model used in Apex and realized that I do not need to be articulate to clinch my sales, unlike in a road show. The numbers in the financial planning report paint the picture by itself for my prospects. The trainings and exposures I received in months surpassed what I had learnt over the 4 years in my ex company. I had become more competent with my Financial Planning capabilities which mean better planning for my clients. With increased competency, I had gained more confident to meet people from different social and economic background. This new found confidence, together with the range of financial solutions we can provide, translate to more businesses and referrals. Today, I am earning an income that I would have never expected to achieve in my life. This career had transformed me from a depressed person to be more confident and happy. I know that I am a professional who can value-add to people around me and no longer a salesman who need to get people to buy anything from me. I am glad that I had made the right move to join Apex and I must thank all my wonderful colleagues who had helped me over the years.”
    Adrian Khiat Han Hwee With PIAS since 2008
  • Sally Low Mui Khim

    “I was with another FA firm for three years before I joined APEX PWM, one of the largest branch in PIAS back in September 2008. APEX PWM is a dynamic branch which provides plenty of support & activities to help advisers in terms of client acquisition & client servicing. Corporate seminars, in-house talks, client appreciation events (e.g. Movie events), newsletters, comprehensive financial plan are some of the examples. APEX PWM adopts a culture which believes in abundance and advisers are mostly very generous in sharing their work experiences with one another. It is indeed a great platform for junior as well as senior advisers. All these are made possible under the great leadership of our Senior Financial Services Director, Alan Tang.”
    Sally Low Mui Khim With PIAS since 2008
  • Lee Song Yong

    “As a existing financial consultant who has worked in the tied agency and other FA firms over the past 9 years, I can feel the impact the branch activities of Apex has on my business. In the first 6 months of joining Apex, I have acquired numerous affluent clients through the in-house seminars conducted by Alan. The seminars are so effective that I achieved production equivalent to MDRT standards working on cold leads in just these 6 months! In addition, the client servicing support provided by the branch also enables me to provide top-notch service to my clients, resulting in many unsolicited referrals and referrals’ referrals! Now, I have a great platform to build my practice and my clients are treated to the best service they can possibly get!”
    Lee Song Yong With PIAS since 2012
  • Esther Ng Joon Huang

    “I was a civil engineer and have no prior sales experience. Hence, developing sales and soft skills were my major concerns when I first started. I am glad that all these concerns were being taken care of as there are many training program and guidance given by branch managers and senior advisers. The team has always believed in sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences and this made the learning process at every stage easier.”
    Esther Ng Joon Huang FINANCIAL CONSULTANT (With PIAS since 2006)
  • Joseph Teo Boon Leng

    “Over the years of stay in APEX PWM, I have regarded Alan and the advisers as my family. The branch has been done an excellent job in providing me a good support in term of client acquisition. The various initiatives and efforts implemented by the team has definitely assisted me in broadening my client network, hence enhancing the branch’s performance as a whole. Alan’s outstanding leadership and our vibrant team of advisors are committed to bringing excellent customer servicing alongside our valuable expertise in financial advisory.”
    Joseph Teo Boon Leng With PIAS since 2007
  • Jaz Lee

    With Zero experience and knowledge in the Financial Industry, it was definitely a challenge and life hurdle when I did a Career Switch. With Alan Tang weekly trainings, guidance and the support from the team in Apex, it’s not just a Career progression; it’s also leading by example and learning from a Big Hearted Director who believes in giving in Abundance. He Who believes in Giving to his people in Abundance, shall receive in Abundance. I’m Glad to be Part of the Apex Family; Because true family members don’t leave.
  • Estelle Chow

    I came with experience. I didn’t expect to learn much from Alan cos I’m full of myself. Then I realize how micro my view in my previous organization is. Unbelievably in my first 6 months, I just mainly re-visit my existing client using Alan knowledge on estate / CPF / SRS - my productivity really increase! Pias branding & comprehensive suite of products help too.
  • Joan Boey

    Been with the team for couple of months & it has been good. Transparency, fairness, system & a friendly environment where managers are helpful to each other, as well as all agents. Alan is sincere in putting training new agents & re-training experience agents a priority in the midst of his packed schedule. I no longer rely on roadshows which I personally don’t prefer since clients do need time in their thinking process of financial planning. The entire culture, platform & system serves the spirit of good financial planning for all, & makes it possible for advisors to provide good service & to build trust. The platform, system & knowledge gained also allows one to advise high net worth clients much better. Thankful to be part of the team.
  • Justin Goh

    Time flies, it has been 4 years since i joined Alan. He has built a business culture that focuses on client centric activities. Believing in law of abundance, Alan provides us with a platform that surpasses any other teams that i have came across. Me and my advisors look forward to growing our financial planning practice with Alan. Thank you Alan.
  • Darren Matthias Lau

    Before deciding on which company, organization or even industry to be part of. We all know the importance to know what platform or support is there to help you in the startup of your career. Alan - founder of APEX made sure we pick up fast leading by example. In my first client event, he was the speaker running the whole event. This is a real example of “action speaks louder than words”. Thanks Alan.
  • Esther Pang

    Apex is a blend of familial and forward-moving family. The name speaks for itself in terms of personality and character. Alan imbibes in the abundance of giving, which is very endearing in this industry. Give yourself a chance to find out more if you are exploring to join this career.
  • Kelly Lai

    Alan’s training is succinct and methods are effective in helping me give more value to clients. This in turn has helped me gain more referrals than I expected! And I’m confident in thriving in this business with the knowledge gained and the systems in place to help advisers. The co-workers are awesome and range from the fresh ones who can learn and work hard together, as well as the seasoned players whom you can depend on for advice and help. Overall, the big boss is dedicated and great for being the role model for all of us, being the (most insanely) hardest worker I’ve seen, going all out in this business be it for his people or his clients. Inspiring & motivating person to learn from. Think I’ve found the best agency in the industry.
  • Marv Lim

    Being in the industry for more than 6 years. I have realized that the market is changing. My next decision is of importance to me as it will determine my future and my promise to my clients. After more than 6 months of careful consideration and meetings with numerous FA firms Director, only Alan impressed me the most. He is the most humble, generous and hardworking Director. His vision and constant seeking of improvement is what you do not see in people of his position. He believes strongly that it is when you think you have succeeded, it will be the beginning of your downfall. It has been nearly a year since I joined him and till now he always surprises me with new ideas that he will be implementing to benefit us and our clients. 6 years ago, I have built my client base by doing cold callings, door knocks and roadshows. Today, I do nothing of the mentioned. Never ever be comfortable as changes are inevitable. Only progression can bring you to greater heights. If today you are still doing what others have been doing 20 years ago, soon you will be asking who has moved your cheese.
  • Alison Yeo

    Joining Apex Wealth Management has so far been the best decision of my career. Alan is a visionary and generous leader. He has big ideas, along with the necessary gumption to act on, and see them through fruition. With a well-thought-out system that advisors like us can easily leverage on, I am constantly motivated to work on creating a sustainable and successful advisory practice. Success breeds success, if you are looking to make this job your career, you cannot go wrong with Apex Wealth Management and Alan!
  • James Tan

    If not us, who? If not now, when? Joining APEX was a big step for me as I had to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith. And so far, this ride has been well worth the while. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it was going to be smooth. However, with the support, system, tools and training provided by APEX, this journey has become much less bumpy. Searching for a mentor with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, has been critical for me in my decision to leave my nest and I must say Alan is really the best in class out there. Thank you, Boss. Fear no more, time to take flight..
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