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Advisers Testimonials

  • The Apex culture is that everyone helps each other with no hidden agenda. Alan is the inspirational leader together with the support of various directors and leaders. Keep bringing Apex to new heights.
    Adrian Khiat Han Hwee
    Adrian Khiat Han Hwee Financial Services Manager/COT(With PIAS since 2008)
  • I joined Apex in 2008 and it has been a great 13.5 years. Alan , our Senior Director is very different from my previous director in a small FA firm. He is truly generous and hardworking in coming up with various events to help advisers. The client acquisition appreciation activities are always there when we need.
    Sally Low Mui Khim
    Sally Low Mui Khim Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT(With PIAS since 2008)
  • I still remember when I first joined Alan, I told him I will be very happy with doing $200K GR. Never could I have imagined that I could have achieved the achievements I have today. His vision in bringing the team forward and the support he has been given through good times and bad has provided a solid base for me to build the practice. I wouldn’t have had these achievements today without what I have learnt from him. Congratulations to all your successes over the years too. You deserve it!
    Lee Song Yong
    Lee Song Yong Financial Services Manager/TOT(With PIAS since 2012)
  • “I was a civil engineer and have no prior sales experience. Hence, developing sales and soft skills were my major concerns when I first started. I am glad that all these concerns were being taken care of as there are many training program and guidance given by branch managers and senior advisers. The team has always believed in sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences and this made the learning process at every stage easier.”
    Esther Ng Joon Huang
    Esther Ng Joon Huang FINANCIAL CONSULTANT (With PIAS since 2006)
  • I Joined Apex 15 years ago and have experienced firsthand how Apex is an exceptional branch with an excellent team and fantastic support that assists our clients in meeting their financial goals. Working with the Apex team is a wonderful experience.
    Joseph Teo Boon Leng
    Joseph Teo Boon Leng Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT (With PIAS since 2007)
  • With Zero experience and knowledge in the Financial Industry, it was definitely a challenge and life hurdle when I did a Career Switch. With Alan Tang weekly trainings, guidance and the support from the team in Apex, it’s not just a Career progression; it’s also leading by example and learning from a Big Hearted Director who believes in giving in Abundance. He Who believes in Giving to his people in Abundance, shall receive in Abundance. I’m Glad to be Part of the Apex Family; Because true family members don’t leave.
    Jaz Lee
  • I came with experience. I didn’t expect to learn much from Alan cos I’m full of myself. Then I realize how micro my view in my previous organization is. Unbelievably in my first 6 months, I just mainly re-visit my existing client using Alan knowledge on estate / CPF / SRS - my productivity really increase! Pias branding & comprehensive suite of products help too.
    Estelle Chow
  • Been with the team for couple of months & it has been good. Transparency, fairness, system & a friendly environment where managers are helpful to each other, as well as all agents. Alan is sincere in putting training new agents & re-training experience agents a priority in the midst of his packed schedule. I no longer rely on roadshows which I personally don’t prefer since clients do need time in their thinking process of financial planning. The entire culture, platform & system serves the spirit of good financial planning for all, & makes it possible for advisors to provide good service & to build trust. The platform, system & knowledge gained also allows one to advise high net worth clients much better. Thankful to be part of the team.
    Joan Boey
  • It has been almost 8 years since I joined Apex Group. This has been the greatest decision I have made in my career. Alan Tang has been a great mentor with great foresight and never ending energy to continue to ensure that we are always growing in production and group size. Thank you for guiding us through tough times especially 2020 and 2021 when we did even better than non co-vid years.
    Justin Goh
    Justin Goh Director/MDRT
  • In my years in Apex, I have experienced the best culture and platform. Much appreciated! .Great energy, constant growth. I would like to thank Alan for extending his invite for me to join APEX!.
    Darren Matthias Lau
    Darren Matthias Lau Financial Services Manager/MDRT
  • Apex is a blend of familial and forward-moving family. The name speaks for itself in terms of personality and character. Alan imbibes in the abundance of giving, which is very endearing in this industry. Give yourself a chance to find out more if you are exploring to join this career.
    Esther Pang
  • I am glad I made the decision to join Apex 5 years ago. Took 6 months to look around different firms as it is an important decision as it will determine my future. Looking back I have achieved the goals I had set for myself with what Apex has provided to many more great years with Apex. Thank you Alan for being the most hardworking Director and all the Apex colleagues for making Apex positive vibes to grow.
    Marv Lim
    Marv Lim Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT
  • If not us, who? If not now, when? Joining APEX was a big step for me as I had to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith. And so far, this ride has been well worth the while. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it was going to be smooth. However, with the support, system, tools and training provided by APEX, this journey has become much less bumpy. Searching for a mentor with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, has been critical for me in my decision to leave my nest and I must say Alan is really the best in class out there. Thank you, Boss. Fear no more, time to take flight..
    James Tan
  • Apex’s system has brought me success beyond what I imagined I was able to achieve. Alan puts his heart and soul into helping advisors grow. Never did I imagine I would achieve TOT when I started this career but I did and he inspired me to grow in more ways than sales. Today I am a director and 8 years ago I wouldn’t have phantomed this was possible.
    Alex Huang
    Alex Huang Director/TOT
  • Thank you Alan for adding my group into the Apex family. The access to top producers in the family raised the standards and self expectations of my group. Thanks for the leadership, mentorship and friendship.
    Eric Cheah
    Eric Cheah Director/MDRT
  • Apex culture, support and staff are second to none. Being in the industry for about 13 years, I have been in three different agencies. I have never seen an agency so supportive of its advisers and managers. With over 100 events in a year, to support their advisers. Apex is definitely the agency to be in!
    Nelson Keng
    Nelson Keng Director
  • For the past 8 years Apex has been more than a second home to me. It has been my pleasure to grow with Apex, not because of the results and achievements. It is for the fighting spirit and caring attitude that Apex influences me. Thank you Apex. Thank you Alan.
    Yangxi Director/COT
  • After 8 years in Apex and under the stewardship of Alan, I have grown from an adviser to a director. I am thankful for the opportunities provided by the platform. I have learned a lot over the years from all the advisers, especially Alan. I believe I wouldn’t be where I am without this platform.
    Nicholas Soh
    Nicholas Soh Director/COT
  • Huge thanks to Boss, Mr Alan Tang for his dedication and tremendous effort in all the things he did for Apex. Words can’t express any gratitude enough but every single action you have done will be appreciated and always remember in my heart.
    Victor Tuar
    Victor Tuar Director/MDRT
  • Very blessed for the past 2 years. Apex totally changed my life. Thankful for the support throughout all the help, product, training, colleagues sharing and client servicing events. The positive vibe and seeing how bosses put in so much effort motivates me to be great, to build a long term career in Apex.
    Arlerine Ang
    Arlerine Ang Wealth Management Consultant/COT
  • I am appreciative of the many client central seminars and webinars at Apex. It helps me to connect with clients with meaningful educational events. Clients appreciation events help me to bond with my long-time clients.
    Ginny Lim
    Ginny Lim Senior Financial Consultant/COT
  • In Apex, we live life to the fullest and play hard. We strive to be a dedicated advisor team and our philosophy is to make a change in people’s life. Awesome!
    Jois Lim
    Jois Lim Associate Director Advisory/COT
  • Joining Apex 8 years ago was the best decision of my life. Apex is heavily focused on providing the best client experience but not at the expense of advisors welfare as well. No regrets at all! Only regret is not joining the Apex family earlier.
    Zoe Ong
    Zoe Ong Financial Services Manager/COT
  • It is a privilege to be with Apex with Alan Tang. It is a privilege to grow with him and to continue to learn from him and to continue to learn from him. In my career and in life.
    Alson Teo
    Alson Teo Senior Financial Manager/Double MDRT
  • Session is very fun and enjoyable. Food is good and Alan is very handsome. The speech is very touching and I am very grateful to be here with Apex. Thank you and will work smarter and harder for further success.
    Andrea Chua
    Andrea Chua Senior Wealth Management Consultant/Double MDRT
  • Apex had changed my life. Prior to this, I was just an advisor merely surviving, even to a time that I need to have another appointment to maintain my normal daily expenses. Fast forward today, with all the Apex supports, systems, activities, I have gotten my first MDRT first year with Apex, and double MDRT on my second year!
    Hugo Lin
    Hugo Lin Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT
  • Apex is built on a simple idea “Built to Last”. With this idea, Alan Tang has really displayed the ethos and spirit. Thanks for showing us what Built to Last means and continue to lead the way. Let’s have this celebration every year despite the fact that we are growing in strength.
    Johnny Chan
    Johnny Chan Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT
  • Apex has been a great support in building us to where I am today. Without the great support, I would not still be here in the industry for 14 years.
    Kelvin Poh
    Kelvin Poh Senior Financial Consultant/Double MDRT
  • Apex Group is the best, best, best lah! Excellent leadership, support and a lot of seminars. A company where you can play hard and work hard with selfless fellow colleagues around to chiong together. Big thank you to Alan.
    Ng Lay See
    Ng Lay See Associate Director Advisory/Double MDRT
  • When I grow up, I want to be like Alan. For the effort, hard work, passion and heart that he gives, you won’t find another boss like him.
    Liong Delon Dragon
    Liong Delon Dragon Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT
  • Super motivated and charged up Director ( Like Energizer battery Bunny) since the time we joined 14 years ago. Really appreciate all the things you have done for the whole branch.
    Aw Wee Liang
    Aw Wee Liang Senior Financial Services Consultant
  • 若时间能倒回我只是希望自己能够多努力, 而不是Apex会有什么改变。 Apex只有不断的进步,若Advisor不跟着也进步, 那可能只有退步。。更可怕的是淘汰。
    Philip Lai
    Philip Lai Financial Services Director
  • 读万卷书不如行万里路,行万里路不如阅人无数, 阅人无数不如名师指路。 教育的最高境界,不是输入知识,而是唤醒。 谢谢Alan唤醒了我,改变了我和我家人的生活。
    Ho Eng Lee
    Ho Eng Lee Financial Services Director/TOT
  • Thank you to Alan for the encouragement and motivation, training and weekly seminar arranged for our clients with his good knowledge, informative and good speaker.
    Angie Ng Siew Yean
    Angie Ng Siew Yean Senior Wealth Management Consultant/MDRT
  • Ever since I came to Apex in 2018, Alan has opened up my horizons in the financial planning industry and gave me hope. The platform that Apex offers is nothing like any other firms out there. With the leadership of Alan, our entire Apex including myself will soar to greater heights! APEX HUAT AH! .
    Angie Ng Siew Yean
    Angie Ng Siew Yean Associate Director (Advisory)/MDRT
  • I joined Apex in Dec 2020. It is a short time in a place that I see my long term career in. Thank you to Alan And Alex for taking me in.
    Alvin Tiong
    Alvin Tiong Financial Services Consultant/MDRT
  • Very grateful to be part of the Apex team. Appreciate all the things that Alan had done for the branch. Happy to be part of the Apex team.
    Angela Lee
    Angela Lee Financial Services Manager/MDRT
  • Best branch & agency in the FA space. Many thanks to Alan for convincing me to move from NTUC to PIAS. The support, branch initiatives, corporate talks and even during covid the quick pivot to zoom webinar. To maintain constant contact and service to our clients.
    Chew MengHui
    Chew MengHui Financial Services Manager/Double MDRT)
  • Thank you Apex for this platform and all the exclusive events for both clients and advisors. The platform, event and webinar will bring existing advisors to the next level.
    Ethan Choo
    Ethan Choo Financial Services Manager/MDRT
  • Alan has led by example and set the standard on work ethnic in Apex. He is the most hardworking and diligent director I have met and worked with. Apex has been the perfect platform for me with a constant flow of seminars and client value added services to differentiate myself in the financial advisory space. Thank you Apex and Alan.
    Dylan Ng
    Dylan Ng Financial Services Consultant/MDRT
  • This is my exceptional year. This is not possible without Alan and his team’s support! . Thank You! Boss.
    Jimmy Seow
    Jimmy Seow Senior Wealth Management Consultant/MDRT
  • Proven system, proven strategy. This is fundamental to a successful practice. Thank you for accepting me to the team and may Apex prosper for many years to come! Huat Ah!
    Leow Kian Siong
    Leow Kian Siong Associate Financial Services Manager/MDRT
  • Appreciate the spirit of Apex, awesome colleagues, awesome boss, overseas trip, dining, client events, awards. Competitive arrangements and products. Great environment.
    Manfred Chong
    Manfred Chong Associate Director (Advisory)/MDRT
  • My journey in the industry has been a waste of time until Apex. I discovered my potential with the many platform initiatives by Alan. My success was only possible because of Apex. My family and I thanked Apex with the deepest of our heart.
    Stevie Lim Wei Kiang
    Stevie Lim Wei Kiang Senior Wealth Management Consultant/MDRT
  • People say “Every insurance agency is like a pirate ship, only more less pirates”. But I am glad to be in this one. With Apex, I have done my very first MDRT and even COT, right after my graduation. What really stood out was the system allowed me to break through the High Net Worth and Mass Affluent market which greatly supercharged my business. I am looking forward to my very first TOT with Apex before I reach 30, and I’m sure I’ll be able to achieve this milestone with Apex.
    Sam Tan
    Sam Tan Senior Wealth Management Consultant/COT
  • Very appreciative of the efforts to ensure the event runs smoothly, great food as well as activities planned. Happy to be part of Apex Private Wealth Management.
    Sze Dion
    Sze Dion Senior Wealth Management Consultant/MDRT
  • Thankful to be part of the Apex family. After 6 years in Apex under boss Alan, I have grown from an average advisor to achieving MDRT. I am thankful for the opportunities provided by the platform.
    Sabrina Seah
    Sabrina Seah Senior Wealth Management Consultant/MDRT
  • I’ve benefited from the Apex system and learned and grown in the past 5 years. My clients have benefited from the service and events from Apex as well. Thanks Alan and the team for the coaching and support.
    Tan Kim Siong
    Tan Kim Siong Financial Services Manager/MDRT
  • Leading by example, Alan has shown us how talent should be married with hardwork and determination. When I grow up, I wish to be like him.
    Tan Irvin
    Tan Irvin Financial Services Consultant/MDRT
  • Amazing 3 years journey in Apex has outgrown the time that I am in the industry. Apex culture and support pushes me to my limits. I am sure everyone can grow more exponentially in the Apex culture.
    William Yam
    William Yam Associate Financial Services Manager/MDRT
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